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The product timeline at STC is an efficient digitalized process with STC as the hub-studio, to ensure high quality and a speedy workflow. The offices at STC are open to meet the business hours of our partners in all time zones

We receive the original dialogue lists and dubbing materials and they are distributed to our partner studios for local translation and dubbing. In Copenhagen, we handle all Danish translation and dubbing, as well as script quality control.

The STC dubbing suites are equipped with only the highest quality equipment and highly skilled technicians. We take great care in making sure we record flawlessly. We pride ourselves in working with prime talent and only the best actors.
(Pictured here is Malte Milner Find, working his magic.)

As hub studio we receive the recorded material from the partner studios for centralized mixing and quality control of the final product in all languages.

We work within the digital domain, having eliminated as much physical paperwork as possible. All contracts are signed and filed through e-signature and are made available to the relevant partners through a portal, making them accessible at the clients convenience.